-3 AM phone calls.-
Are you asleep?
No, Iā€™m skydiving.
— Unknown

Try nobelcom.com for cheap rates for overseas calls. 

Immigrants should consider to use the pre-pay phone card system as it is cheaper and easier to control the telephone expenses. You can buy a $5.00 card and speak for around 30 minutes. Alternatively, if you pick up your phone and use your telephone company's 'Long Distance Plan', it can be a severe shock when the bill arrives.

CICI Goldline cards are distributed by Goldline (see goldline.com and click on products). Contact customer service and they will provide customers with the closest location of a retail outlet that sells the cards. Goldline is apparently the largest phone pre-pay vendor in Canada and has recently signed an agreement with Siemens. In Ontario CICI cards are distributed by Mac Convenience Stores. See macsconveniencestores.com or phone 1-800-424-2403 to find the closest one to you. Goldline also distribute OLA cards.