We are pleased that you wish to schedule a meeting with Matrixvisa in person, via Skype or Facetime.

We require those interested in booking a meeting to complete our Initial Assessment process. 

Why? We have a high volume of people wanting to immigrate from in countries such as South Africa due to certain circumstance, but have come to realize that many inquiries are not 100% serious yet about immigration to Canada. It takes time to make the decision to commit to this process, and we appreciate that. If you have made the decision or feel you are ready to leave your country of residence, it is the right time to move forward. To assess this and ensure we prioritize our time with clients that are ready to commit to immigrate by asking you to go through the intensive booking procedure below.

The Process. The first step would be fill in the forms and the second step would be to upload documents. Once we have received the documents we will inform you if we can schedule a meeting. If we believe that you are not eligible for immigration or that the chances are very low for a successful immigration process we will indicate this in our response after reviewing the document you uploaded.  If we believe there are immigration possibilities for you, we will invite you to an Initial Consultation. The cost is CAD180 and it can be paid via credit card or visa/ mastercard debit card through a secure portal. Matrixvisa Inc. does not have access to the credit card information. 

The Purpose. Initial consultations serve the purpose of providing preliminary information and discussing immigration options with interested individuals. An initial consultation is NOT an open advice session.


We encourage our clients to read about the economy and the country you are desiring to immigrate to. 
If you do not read these links, we will determine in your meeting that you are not serious about immigration.

Links to Read:

Download and complete the forms at "1. Step One: Research & Document" in its entirety.
Have the immigration questionnaire ready scanned and have it ready for your assessment in step 2. 

Fill in your contact information and upload your completed forms and resume/cv(s) at 2. Step 2: Upload Docs & Book Free Assessment"

NOTE FOR FARMERS / INVESTORS / ENTREPRENEURS.  If you are interested in investing in Canada (farming or otherwise), or starting a business in Canada, please skip the initial assessment and go straight to book a meeting

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR JOB SEEKERS. It is critical that you are aware that we are not paid to find work for our clients (that is illegal in some parts of Canada).

If it is your intention to immigrate to Canada permanently and your only option in immigrating to Canada is with a job offer, we assist you to amend your resume/CV, so that you can then yourself apply for work and immigrate to Canada once you have a job offer. In some cases we find work for applicants and in most cases applicants find their own jobs with our assistance.

Go to Immigration A-Z on Matrixvisa’s website for more information, particularly the our Jobs page is very informative:

Lastly, for your assurance: Certain actions in our process (such as signing the recruitment disclosure) are prescribed by provincial legislation. Matrixvisa was audited five times during 2016 by our immigration regulator as well as provincial authorities and we passed all audits. We are successful as we follow legislative requirements closely.