• A Canadian employer is looking for a applied precision agronomist with market related wages. The duties are 
  • Work with Teralytic technologies on cloud based soil sensor pilot project
  • Work with Sask Canola on Sclerotinia Germination project
  • Work with Q-protect on DNA petal testing for Sclerotinia risk forecasting
  • Input yield, soil test, and tissue test data into Trimble cloud based farm data management program
  • Use Ag Leader SMS software to create prescriptions for seeding rates and dry fertilizer in seeders
  • Use Ag Leader SMS software to create prescriptions for top dressing and fungicide in sprayers
  • Use Ag Leader SMS software to log combine yield maps and compare to as applied seeder and sprayer maps to create profit maps
  • Attend Agronomy updates throughout the summer and winter (at least 8 days per year)
  • Collect Soil Samples from production zones in Fall
  • Collect Tissue Samples from production zones in Summer
  • Spend time crop scouting fields for weeds, disease, and insects
  • Ensure yield monitors in combines are calibrated properly and proper fields are set up on combines and grain carts
  • Ensure appropriate prescription maps are loaded in the seeders and sprayers and that the maps are being followed
  • Operate RG 1300 Rogator Sprayer as required


POULTRY SUPERVISORS (6 Positions) - Lower Fraser Valley, BC

POULTRY SUPERVISOR (1 Position) - Edmonton, AB