Matrixvisa Inc. is a boutique Canadian consultacy specialising in economic classes of immigration. Matrixvisa is committed to assisting our clients in immigrating to Canada through our expertise and knowledge of the latest immigration policies. 

Our major areas of practice include: Temporary Foreign Worker applications, Labour Market Opinions, Intra Company Transfers and submissions in economic classes such as Provincial Nominee Class, Federal Skilled Worker Class, Canada Experience Class and the Federal Skilled Trades Class. Matrixvisa also represents entrepreneurs in immigration applications to Canada. 

Alongside our immigration law practice, Matrixvisa provides an internationally focused recruitment service, which is unique and effective due to the combined in-house practice of both areas of expertise. It is our mission to find and recruit highly skilled applicants in a number of industries and practices. In doing this we have developed a reputation for utmost professionalism and ethical practice. 

Cobus (Jacobus) Kriek is the managing director of Matrixvisa Inc. and has successfully practised immigration law for over 15 years. He became an authorized immigration representative after completing his post-graduate studies in immigration law in Canada in 2001. To see more of his credentials and membership of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Counsel ( ICCRC)  please see "About Us". 

Matrixvisa Inc. is consistently active in the reform and change of immigration policy on a provincial and federal level; we strive to improve the immigration legal system specifically with regards to economic classes. As part of his passionate investment in effecting positive change, Cobus is the author of various immigration law articles. Please see the following links for his recent published articles & achievements and newsletters.

As part of our objective, we aim to provide newcomers with all the information that they need to make informed decisions before their arrival. Our website is full of valuable information for prospective immigrants and foreign workers that will make it a more comprehensive, and smooth journey.