About Us

Who we are

Matrixvisa is an immigration law consultancy that specializes in:

  • Temporary Entry for Foreign Workers and Intra-Company Transferees
  • Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIA’s)
  • Economic Immigration for Entrepreneurs and Investors
  • Economic Immigration for Skilled Workers in Federal immigration classes such as:
    • the Federal Skilled Worker Class, the Provincial Nominee Class, and the Canada Experience Class
  • Family Immigration (Sponsorship in the Family Class)
    • Parent, Spousal and Child sponsorship
  • Study Permits
  • Residency Appeals at the Immigration and Refugee Board

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC)

Pursuant to the College of Citizenship and Immigration Consultants Act, the director and owner of Matrixvisa Inc, Cobus (Jacobus) Kriek, is authorized under Canadian law to represent clients in immigration matters.

The owner and director of Matrixvisa Inc. became a member of the College (see https://college-ic.ca) after successful completion of a postgraduate course in immigration law in Canada, along with the successful completion of the entry examination for immigration law.

Cobus (Jacobus Kriek) is a member in good standing of the College and as part of a mandate to protect consumers inside and outside Canada, the College has rules of professional ethics and regulations that can be seen here: https://college-ic.ca/about-the-college/regulations-and-policies?l=en-US&.

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Cobus also regularly publishes immigration law articles in Canada’s immigration law magazine called, ImmQuest. You can view some of these articles in our newsletter and in our efforts.

On 27 Oct 2010, Cobus also appeared as a witness before the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration in Ottawa about changes to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. His presentation to the committee can be seen here.

Recruitment Licenses

Commissioner of Oaths – Certificate Number 174215

Cobus is also a Commissioner of Oaths in the Province of Quebec in terms of the Courts of Justice Act of Quebec, with worldwide validity.

Alberta License – License Number 321239 (2021 – 2023)

Matrixvisa holds licensure as a Recruiter in the Province of Alberta. It is compulsory in Alberta to have a License in terms of the Alberta Fair Trading Act and the associated Alberta Regulation 189/99: Employment Agency Business Licensing Regulation. Regulation 10 of the Alberta Employment Agency Licensing Regulations require that an agreement must be signed by a foreign national and Matrixvisa Inc. before a job offer is obtained. This agreement must contain in bold font size 12, the statement that payment from the foreign national for finding an employer/job offer is prohibited. Regulation 12 stipulates that a foreign national may not pay Matrixvisa Inc. for a job offer or for a search to obtain employment (relevant Alberta Regulations).

Saskatchewan License – License Number 000208

Matrixvisa holds licensure as an Immigration Consultant and Foreign Worker Recruiter in the Province of Saskatchewan. It is compulsory in Saskatchewan to have these Licenses in terms of The Foreign Worker Recruitment and Immigration Services Act. 

British Columbia License  – License Number IS-0010834

Matrixvisa holds licensure as a Recruiter in the Province of British Columbia. It is compulsory in British Columbia to have a License in terms of the Ministry of Labour in BC Employment Standards Regulation Part 2, 3 and 4: Employment Agencies.

Nova Scotia License – License Number FWRL-110

Matrixvisa holds licensure as an Immigration Consultant and Foreign Worker Recruiter in the Province of Nova Scotia.

Why use Matrixvisa?

Matrixvisa Inc. is a specialist international recruitment and immigration law company under one roof. Matrixvisa Inc was incorporated in March 2002, and we have been in the immigration industry for 17 years. We are proud to say that we are the only Canadian Immigration firm with offices in both Canada and South Africa.

The director and owner of Matrixvisa Inc., completed a postgraduate course in Canadian Immigration Law after he graduated from university with a degree in both: labour economics and industrial psychology (personnel management). He went on to complete a postgraduate qualification in International Trade Law (and in Immigration Law specifically, as was mentioned). Jashke Kriek, the Case & Processes Manager holds a Law degree from Australia and is now a graduate Australian Lawyer.

That’s a great team with assuring determination and interest driving your successful immigration. They have employed further administrative staff to oversee the paperwork. It can get hectic, you will be assigned to an assistant at the beginning of your contract.

We can help immigrants to emigrate to Canada, and find them work or show them to navigate the labour market effectively. Please read the 22 reasons why skilled workers can not find work here.

We have an in-house ability to represent clients from specific countries and specific industries through a complicated legal process that includes Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), as well different regulatory bodies in different provinces. A good example of our work in regulated occupations can be seen at point 13 here. 

Matrixvisa Inc. gives every case individual attention and makes a careful analysis of every case. Our clients know that their success is important to us. We have a brilliant track record for service excellence.