Immigrants are strongly advised to keep a budget. Everyone will have a unique budget depending on their needs, tastes and size of their family. An example of one monthly budget for a family of four (in Canadian Dollars) could be as follows:

How to Budget (Monthly – CAD$)

Chart by Visualizer


HOVER OVER THE PIE CHART AND CLICK TO VIEW CHART VALUES. Please note: This is only a rough estimate of the minimal monthly expenses to live in Canada, and it varies throughout provinces.

Also remember that there are other costs such as:

  • vehicle licenses
  • driver training

Immigrants also have to save for:

  • times of possible unemployment (there is Employment Insurance which pays the unemployed a certain wage every week – but this is about 50 – 60% of a persons wage), and
  • holidays (if you get paid per hour / if you work on a contract basis).