Immigration Costs

Moving to Canada can be expensive. Here is an example of a budget of an individual (roughly) outlining costs to immigrate to Canada as independent immigrants under the Federal Skilled Worker Class (example is in Canadian Dollars – CAD) – Please note that the airline ticket price will depend on which airline you fly with.

A typical federal skilled worker case:

  • Work Permit (WP) Fee – $155 per permit, + $100 for open WP privilege for spouses, + $150 for study permits + $100 for visitor visas
  • WP Biometric Fee – $85 per person, $170 per family
  • PR Biometric Fee – $85 per person, $170 per family
  • Permanent Residence Government application fees – $550-825 per adult & $150-$225 per child (at the end of the process)
  • Right of Permanent Residence fee – $500 per adult (at the end of process)
  • Language Test – $360 – $300 per person
  • Airline Ticket – $1,300-$1,800 per person
  • Passport Costs – $20 per person
  • Medical Exam – $200-$250 per person
  • Police Clearance – $15 per person
  • Assessment of Experience (Journeymen) – $120-$450 (depending on the province)
  • Assessment of Qualifications (Such as World Education Services) – $200

This total excludes the immigration legal fees.

The above-mentioned total does not include other costs in Canada, such as the replacement of furniture and appliances, getting a drivers license, buying car, etc. It also does not include opportunity costs (the cost for being unemployed for two or three weeks/months; an immigrant could have earned a large some of money in his/her country of origin during the time the immigrant was unemployed here in Canada).

Other Scenarios where these costs will be less:

The cost for a single person without dependents are obviously much less. Similarly the cost for a person who will be sponsored by family already in Canada; or a family coming to Canada where the principle applicant has an permanent job offer in Canada – is also less.

The high cost of migrating might look rather dark, but look at “Immigration A-Z” to see why it is worth the effort and expense.