Phones (Cell & Tell)


Communication is an important part of life in Canada. The importance of communication is determined by the cost of these services and the nature of life in Canada. Local calls in Canada are generally free.

Life in Canada is fast and a lost call or lost e-mail might result in a lost job opportunity or lost business opportunity. Winters are cold and communication via the internet makes life easier. Sending e-mail to relatives abroad is much cheaper than talking over the phone. Finding jobs on the internet might be cheaper and faster.

Each person has to find a unique mix of communication services to match their own demand and budget. Communication (by telephone, cellular phone, the internet and by post) might take a significant part of a family’s budget. Some of the websites below might provide immigrants with information to make more informed decisions with regards to a suitable mix of telephone, cellular phone, internet and postal services.

Cell Phone Retailers & Services Providers

Immigrants should remember that many cellular phones are network specific, i.e. a cellular phone bought at one company can not be used on a network of a different company. For example: a person buys a phone at Bell and after six months the person decides to use a special offer at Fido. The phone bought at Bell might be locked in on the Bell network and can not be used with the Fido network. 

A visit to the Telephone Booth might be well worth a visit. The Telephone Booth is a retailer that sell the products of Bell, Rogers and AT&T, Fido and Telus. This is a good opportunity to get a good comparison as the salesmen does not represent a specific company.


Domestic & Telephone Services

Postal Services