“Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.”
— Booker T. Washington

Several occupations in Canada are regulated for public safety or consumer protection. Each province regulates its own requirements for these professions. Some of these occupations include doctors, nurses, engineers, psychologists, lawyers, electricians, etc.

Steps that the new immigrant will have to take IF THey are working in a field that requires registration:

  • have his or her qualification evaluated and recognized and/or
  • completion of an entry/ or professional examination and/or
  • the completion of a certain period of supervised practical work. Every professional organization will have it’s own unique requirements. To be employed in certain skilled trades (e.g. electricians, plumbers) workers might have to receive a Certificate of Qualification. This certificate states that they have passed the provincial qualification exam that assesses their knowledge of their skilled trade.

One organization that may be used to evaluate qualifications is the Canadian Center for International Credentials.

An immigrant should search in the province of his or her choice, for the correct professional organization and determine the correct procedure.

Ontario Examples:

Immigrants could also use these websites to find professionals or complain about professional services.

Persons with Permanent Resident Visas may work in a field that is not related to their intended occupation while they try to get entry to a professional organization. For example: If an engineer arrives in Canada from Bulgaria, he may work as a welder, security guard or programmer or any other occupation, but not as an engineer – until he or she is registered as an engineer. If he does not achieve registration, he may continue to work in any other career of choice. However when applying for permanent residence the applicant must intend to work in the occupation under which an application is lodged.