Cost of Household Items and Groceries

Most immigrants would like to have an idea of the cost of items before they commence an international move. The websites of several Canadian shops that are provided below, can give an overview of the cost of clothing, furniture, expensive household goods, food (groceries) and other necessities. 

The websites might also provide immigrants with information about useful retail services. Most retailers have points systems, whereby consumers can earn valuable points by buying at a particular retailer. These points can be redeemed for products or services. Once a person has landed in Canada, collecting these points could be a good idea. 

Immigrants are advised to ask their friends and family to refer them to a reliable mechanic. Mechanical work on cars is very expensive. For example in July 2002 the change of 6 spark plugs and an air filter cost $170 – $190. Budgets can easily be consumed by these types of unexpected mechanical expenses. 

Before selling your good furniture – do a price comparison between moving it to Canada and replacing it in Canada. You could also ask the transport company that does the move from the country of origin to provide a price to transport one of their standard cartons to Canada. For example: If the cost of transportation of one carton is $15, then it might be worth it to take the contents of the box with you, if the cost to replace the goods is $200. 

Some of the websites below might give immigrants an idea of the cost of goods. It might also assist in decisions regarding what to bring to Canada and what to leave behind.

Clothing, Furniture & Other Household Goods

CanadianTire – tools, car parts, outdoor equipment, electronic goods etc
Costco – food, household goods, electronics, furniture, clothes, etc.
Best Buy – electronics
Home Depot – all home repair, garden and storage products: tools, plants, wood, paint etc.
Ikea – excellent value for money furniture
Indigo and Chapters – Bookstores
Leons – furniture and electronic goods
Mountain Equipment – Co-op good quality and good prices for camping and outdoor gear
Sears – clothing, consumer electronics, eye ware, etc
Sportcheck – sport goods
The Bay – clothes, furniture and other household items
The Brick – furniture and electronic goods
The Shopping Channel
Walmart – clothes, household goods, electronics, toys, etc

Food & Groceries

Grocery Gateway
Farmers’ Markets Ontario
Montego Tea South African products


Petro-Canada –  also has a good reward points system
Midas – car repairs
Canadian tire – retailer has a mechanical division as well

Buying Vehicles (New/Old)

Carpages – second hand/new cars
401 Carfinder – second hand cars
Carsbynet – second hand cars
Autonet – second hand cars
Hebdo – Quebec
Auto trader – Buy and sell second hand cars
Ford – new car prices
BMW – new and used car prices
Toyota – new car prices
Hyundai – new car prices
Nissan – new car prices
GM Canada – Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Buick, GMC, Saturn, SAAB and Isuzu
Daimler-Chrysler – Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep

Rewards (Points Cards)

Air Miles
HBC Rewards