Weather in Canada

Canada is a country of weather extremes. Summers can be 40 degrees Celsius and winter –20 degrees Celsius or less. Being aware of the weather will become an important part of your life in Canada. It is also a significant topic of discussion amongst people. We have TV channels and Websites, fully dedicated to weather conditions! 

Some days the snow can be so deep that train and bus services are cancelled and schools are closed! You guessed correct – what a fun day for the family. Everybody will be outside somewhere, enjoying snow fun like ‘tobogganing’ (sliding with anything you can get or a cheap ‘toboggan’ board from hill tops!), alps skiing, cross country skiing, or just a walk outside in the clean and peaceful, white wonder. 

Daylite Savings Time

It begins on the first Sunday in April* and end on the last Sunday in October**. The rhyme “spring forward and fall back” is well-known in Canada for reminding people which way the clock must be turned.

*clock – set 1 hour forward {e.g. 12:00 am to 1:00 am}
*clock – set 1 hour back {e.g. 12:00 am to 11:00 pm}

Weather Websites


Four Seasons – means exactly that. Canada has 4 definite seasons and each has its own beauty:

  • Summer: 21 June to 20 September
  • Fall: 21 September to 20 December
  • Winter: 21 December to 19 March
  • Spring: 20 March to 20 June