Mr. Nir Babani the previous owner of UIS Canada is being investigated

Jul 12, 2021 | Immigration General

Mr. Nir Babani the previous owner of UIS Canada ( are now being investigated after several complaints have been received.

The regulator, ICCRC reported the following: “We are writing to advise that ICCRC has formally initiated a disciplinary proceeding against Nir Babani, R407271. The first step in the proceeding is a motion to seek an interim suspension of Nir Babani’s membership with ICCRC pending the final adjudication of the merits of misconduct alleged in the complaints. If ICCRC is successful on this motion Nir Babani will not be able to legally offer immigration services in Canada until the Disciplinary Committee makes a final decision on the merits of the complaints. Not all the complaints we have received against Nir Babani are identified in the interim motion proceeding. 

Open the link to see a list of theCurrent Proceedings of Disciplinary Actions against Mr. Nir Babani.

Current Proceedings of Disciplinary Actions