Current Canadian Job Vacancies

Job listings on this page are dependent on the current needs of Canadian employers and that all currently available positions are listed here. We have helped many of our clients find work. If we can not find work, we demonstrate to  our clients how to search for work (do’s and don’ts). We have been helping our clients to find work for 19 years. If you would like to apply for any of these positions, please send your resume/ CV to Canadians and Canadian Permanent Residents already in Canada are also invited to apply.


Occupational Therapists (Alberta)
An employer in Northern Alberta is searching for Occupational Therapist. Applicants does not have to write examination prior to coming to Canada.

Physiotherapists (Alberta)
An employer in Northern Alberta is searching for physiotherapists. Applicants must have or be willing to travel to Canada to write the first examination: the PCE examination. See and the 5 steps here

Retail Butcher   ( Saskatchewan) 
Matrixvisa was requested to find 2 butchers

Grain farm Supervisor  (Biggar  Area of Saskatchewan) 
A  large grain farm in Saskatchewan requested Matrixvisa to recruit a farm supervisor with  grain farm experience. The farmer has 18 000 acres.  When you apply use the reference of “Daniel.”

Grain farm Supervisor  (Leader Area of Saskatchewan) 
A  large grain farm in Saskatchewan requested Matrixvisa to recruit a farm supervisor with  grain farm experience. Someone with farming and fabrication experience would be preferred.  When you apply use the reference of “Brad.”

Grain farm – Life Stock Supervisor (Moose Jaw  Area of Saskatchewan) 
A very large grain farm in Saskatchewan requested Matrixvisa to recruit a farm supervisor with extensive grain farm experience. The farmer has 11 000 acres of cros and a cow-calf operation of about 250 cows). Someone with farming and mechanical maintenance experience would be preferred. When you apply use the reference of “Carson.”

Feedlot & Pasture Specialized Livestock Expert (Cudworth  Area of Saskatchewan) 
A feedlot operation  in Westen Saskatchewan requested Matrixvisa to recruit a farm supervisor with with cattle  experience.  The farmer has 500 cow-calf operation, a feedlot with 2-3000 head as well as 8 000 acres of crops. When you apply use the reference of “Daniel.”

Grain farm Supervisor (Cutt Knife -Unity Area of Saskatchewan) 
A very large grain farm in Westen Saskatchewan requested Matrixvisa to recruit a farm supervisor with extensive grain farm experience. When you apply use the reference of “Daniel.”

5 Architects
Matrixvisa was requested by MGA Architects In Vancouver to recruit 5 architects or architectural technologist. More can be seen about the employer here

Fabricators (“boilermakers”)  (14 Jan 2022)
A British Columbia employer, Silhouette Enclosures, requires ten Fabricators/Welders. Applicants must have a welder, fabrication, boilermaker or plater Red Seal. Spouses must be able to work as the cost of living is high.  See
See for the complete job advertisement.
In some countries such as South Africa, fabricators use the term “boilermakers” although they do not build boilers at all.

Construction Electricians (14 Jan 2022)
A British Columbia employer, Silhouette Enclosures  requires four construction electricians. Applicants must have a electrician Red Seal. Spouses must be able to work as the cost of living is high. See
See for the complete job advertisement

Mechanical Fitters / Millwrights (14 Jan 2022)
A British Columbia employer, Silhouette Enclosures  requires two millwrights/Fitters. Applicants must have millwright or fitter Red Seal. Spouses must be able to work as the cost of living is high. See
See for the complete job advertisement.

Mechanical Designers (Technologists) (14 Jan 2022)
A British Columbia employer, Silhouette Enclosures,  requires a mechanical designer/engineer/engineering technologist. Applicants must have design experience and CAD experience. See
See for the complete job advertisement.

Electrical Designers (Technologists) (14 Jan 2022)
A British Columbia employer, Silhouette Enclosures,  requires an electrical designer/engineer/engineering technologist. Applicants must have design experience and CAD experience. See
See for the complete job advertisement.

Heavy Duty mechanic/Diesel Mechanic with Crusher Experience)  (18 Oct 2021)
A British Columbia employer has an approved LMIA for a diesel mechanic with crusher equipment experience

Automotive Mechanic  with Landroevr/Jaguar experience   (18 Oct 2021)
A Ontario  employer has a need for Landrover/Jaguar experience

Cabinet makers/Finishing carpenters. (1 Oct 2021)
A British Columbia employer require Cabinet makers/Finishing carpenters.

Civil Engineers (Professional Engineers)    (30 Sept 2021)
A BC Civil Engineering firm is going through rapid expansion and they are searching for Civil Engineers with bridge design experience, onsite field experience with bridge building or shoring experience.

Bridge Construction Managers    (30 Sept 2021)
A BC based bridge building company is searching for bridging building manager. Applicants must have string bridge buildings experience

Cabinat Makers/FInsing Carpenters    (30 Sept 2021)
A BC based construction company requests Matrixvisa to search for cabinet makers.

Pest Control Technicians     (30 Sept 2021)
A BC based pestcontrol  company requested Matrixvisa to search for pest control technicians.

A Heavy Duty Mechanic / Diesel Mechanic with Lifting Equipment Experience   (29 Sept 2021)
A BC employer searching for a heavy duty mechanic with extensive experience on lifting equipment (Genie lift, forklifts, etc)

2 X  Heating Ventilation and Airconditing Experience  Technicians  (29 Sept 2021)
A SK employer Saskatchewan requested Matrixvisa to recruit  Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning  (HVAC) technicians.

14 X  Formwork Carpenters (29 Sept 2021)
 A major construction firm in British Columbia requested Matrixvisa to recruit 14 formwork carpenters. The wage is CAD33.32 plus 12% vacation bonus paid per hour plus CAD0.90 per hour to a total of about CAD 38.33 per hour

2  X Riggers (29 Sept 2021)
 A major construction firm in British Columbia requested Matrixvisa to recruit 2 riggers. The wage is CAD33.32 per hour plus 12% vacation bonus paid per hour plus CAD0.90 per hour to a total of about CAD 38.33 per hour

Agriculture  Mechanic  (29 Sept 2021)
 A cattle farm – grain farm  in Alberta  requested Matrixvisa to recruit a farm mechanic. The wage would be about CAD 38 per hour. Agriculture experience is crucial. The area is remote. Applicants and their families must enjoy living on a farm. The employers has John Deere Tractors and Combines.

Retail Firearm  Supervisor (29 Sept 2021)
A hunting rifle retailer in Saskatchewan is searching for a retail supervisor with experience in selling firearms especially hunting rifles

4 x Conventional Machinists (29 Sept 2021)
A Hamilton Ontario Employer requested Matrixvisa to search for 4 conventional machinists. Tool and Die Makers with machining experience could also apply.

4 X Fabricators (29 Sept 2021)
A fabrication shop in Southwestern Ontario require 4 fabricators (“boilermakers”). The fabricators must be able to read blue prints, think on their feet and complete the fabrication of complex designs. It is custom shop that manufacture for agriculture, nuclear, food manufacturing.

3 X Poultry Farm Managers (Broiler Breeder) (11 Aug 2021)
Three farm managers required: Broiler-breeder Manager, Commericial Layer Manager and Hatchery Operations Manager  is required by an employer in British Columbia.

1 X Grain Farm Supervisor (2 July 2021)
An Alberta Employer requested Matrixvisa to find a good grain farm supervisor to work in Eastern Alberta close to the SK border. The LMIA is already approved. This is a remote place and applicants must enjoy living remotely. Accommodation is provided for families. Hands-on experience on combines is required. Applicants must have a good ability to work with people.

1 X Cattle Worker/Specialized Livestock Worker  (22 June Skill Level B)
An Alberta Employer requested Matrixvisa to find a good cattle worker/specialized livestock worker to work in Eastern Alberta close to the SK border. The LMIA is already approved. This is a remote place and applicants must enjoy living remotely. Accommodation is provided for families. Several South Africans already work there.

2 X Automotive Mechanics (22 June 2021)
A Saskacthewan employer is searching for 2 automotive mechanics.The hourly wage is CAD24.43

2 X Retail Supervisors (22 June 2021)
A Saskatchewan employer is searching for a Retail Supervisor. One position has been filled already. Applicants must have retail experience in a diverse environment that could be a combination of sports, gardening, kitchenware and camping equipment. Food retail experience is not accepted.

4 X Fabricators- Welders (11 June 2021)

  • An Ontario employer request Matrixvisa to recruit 4 fabricators- welders (South African “boilermakers”)
  • Some applicant will be required to work the afternoon shift
  • Wage is about CAD35 per hour and would allow and applicant to emigrate
  • 2 positions have already been filled.
  • The position is fast-paced and the selection will be strict.

Senior Geologist for Gold Mine (9 June 2021)

  • Bachelor of Science in Geology required, but a Technologist Diploma in Geology mighty also be accepted
  • Applicants must have at least 5 years of experience in a production mining environment
  • Experience with geological software, converting drill data to cogent 3D for mine planning.
  • Experience with Leapfrog, Deswik, Datamine would be helpful
  • Fly in Fly out with a 14 day turnaround

Senior Mine Engineer for Gold Mine (9 June 2021)

  • Bachelors Degree required
  • Eligible for P Eng registration
  • Must have at least 2 years in a senior mining engineer position
  • Fly in Fly out on 7 day schedule

Heavy Duty Mechanics (Highway Trucks- Gravel Trucks) (3 June 2021)
A Canadian employer requested Matrixvisa to find two Heavy Duty Mechanics that have experience with highway trucks. Specific experience is required with some of the following:
a. Volvo Trucks
b. Mac Trucks (Super-Liner, Titan, Trident, Granite)
c. Kenworth Trucks (Paccar Engines)
Earthmoving experience will not be accepted

Poultry Farm Supervisor (Layers) (3 June 2021)
An experienced farm manager with several years layer experience is required by an employer in Alberta.

Java Programmers/Artificial Intelligence (10 May 2021)
A Canadian company involved in artificial Intelligence requires Java programmers


  • Collect and document user’s requirements and develop logical and physical specifications
  • Research, evaluate and synthesize technical information to design, develop and test computer-based systems
  • Develop data, process and network models to optimize architecture and to evaluate the performance and reliability of designs
  • Plan, design and co-ordinate the development, installation, integration and operation of computer-based systems
  • Assess, troubleshoot, document, upgrade and develop maintenance procedures for operating systems, communications environments and applications software

Area of Specialization;

  • Java 8+ (Streams, Completable Future, optional, generics);
  • Spring (Core, Batch, MVC, Data, Security) and Spring Boot 2.

Experience Requirements

  • Java 8+
  • Spring and Spring Boot 2.0
  • Developing REST APIs using Spring Boot 2.0 and skilled in Open API (swagger) specification
  • Unit Testing, familiar with at least one testing and mocking Frameworks
  • Knowledge and understanding of relational and no-SQL databases
  • Containerization technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes

Will be a plus:

  • Reactive Java frameworks (RxNetty, WebFlux, etc);
  • Cloud platforms such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS.

Glazers (6 April 2021)
A company in Toronto requested Matrixvisa to recruit several glazers for high construction projects. The NOC is 7292 and it is open for immigration.

The duties will be:

  • Cut, fit, install and/or replace glass in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, on exterior walls of buildings and other structures.
  • Read and interpret blueprints and specifications to determine type and thickness of glass, frame, installation procedure and materials required
  • Measure and mark glass and cut glass using glass cutters or computerized cutter
  • Assemble, erect and dismantle scaffolds, rigging and hoisting equipment
  • Position glass panes into frames and secure glass using clips, points or moulding
  • Assemble and install prefabricated glass, mirrors or glass products on walls, ceilings or exteriors of buildings
  • Install, fit, fabricate and attach architectural metals or related substitute products in commercial and residential buildings
  • Install pre-cut mirrors and/or opaque and/or transparent glass panels in frames to form exterior walls of buildings

Concrete Experts (6 April 2021)
A company in the Lower Fraser Valley (Vancouver area) requested Matrixvisa to recruit 5 positions:
1 X Concrete Finisher Foreman – NOC  7205, skill level B and open for skilled immigration.
2  X Concrete Finishers – NOC 7282, skill level B and open for skilled immigration.
2 X Form Work Carpenters with ability to be Lead hand/foreman. One of these positions wil probably be filled within the next few days (NOC 7271), skill level B and open for skilled immigration.
Important Note: Points in the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Class are current at about 96-98 points. Applicants without post secondary eduction would need to challenge the Canadian Carpenter Provincial Certificate of Qualification (“Red Seal”) or the Provincial Certificate of Qualification of Construction Craft Worker (see after arrival to have enough points in the Provincial Nominee Class or the Federal Skills Trades Class.

HVAC Technicians (BC, 31 March)
A  HVAC- Plumbing employer in Northern British Columbia requested Matrixvisa to search for  HVAC technicians.  Applicants must be able to handle a lot of rain and applicants that  enjoy salmon fishing would really enjoy the location. We already have one plumber working there and the employer is happy to take on more immigrants. Applicants should be qualified HVAC Techs, Electricians or Refdrigeration Technicians. Locally HVAC Technicians are requried to obatin their gass fitting ticket. See and The British Columbia Institute of technology is offering this course oa distance education. We are researching this distance education opportunity.

Farm Supervisors on Buffalo farm, (Alberta, 31 March)
A farmer  in the Alberta  requested Matrixvisa to search for two farm supervisors with cattle or game farm experience.
Applicants must have hands-on skills to do maintainence on equipment. LMIA has already been approved

Overhead Crane Technicians (Ontario, 31 March)
An employer in the Ontario requested Matrixvisa to search Overhead Traveling Crane Technicians with 8000 hours experience in repair and maintenance of overhead cranes. Experience in boom cranes or tower cranes are not recogsnized. The 8000 hours  is required in terms of Canada Standars Authority Standard B167. Applicants should also be qualified electricians. Those with less experience might be considered.

Retail Butchers (Prairies, 31 March)
An employer in the Prairies previously appointed a client of Matrixvisa. The employer said the following today: “You and your staff assisted us several years back when we hired XXXXXXX.  XXXXXX continues to be an indispensable part of our operation. Our business is growing and we have exhausted local hiring options.”  The employer needs 2 more retail butchers.

Stonemasons & Bricklayers (Eatern Canada, 31 March)
One of the largest employers of stonemasons in Eastern Canada is searching for 10 stonemasons. Bricklayers are invited to apply  The wage is CAD 40 per hour or about R470. This is skill level B and open for skilled immigration. Duties are as follows:

  • Cutting and shaping stones to desired dimensions.
  • Smoothing and polishing stones and concrete.
  • Replacing defective or missing stones on walls and structures.
  • Reading and interpreting structural blueprints.
  • Determining the materials and equipment needed for the project.
  • Mixing grout and cement.
  • Laying stones according to construction plans or project specifications.
  • Operating cranes, hoists, or heavy machinery to move stones.
  • Digging trenches using a pick and shovel.

Assistant Store Manager (Prairies, 26 March) – FILLED
A large retailer in a small town in the Northern Praries is searching for an Assistant Store Manager. The Applicant must have large sports goods or large hardware store management experience. The employer is intrested in expereience from Makro/Massmart, Dions, Game, Builders Warehouse etc. The town has only 6000 people and it is remote. You must love to live in a small town. If you and your family love cities, this opporunity is not appropriate.

Tool and Die Maker (Ontario, 26 March)
Matrixvisa was requested to find a Tool and Die Maker.

Major Duties and Responsibilities include:

  • Constructs/repairs/maintains tools/gauges/fixtures/jigs/dies to enable Production to meet scheduling requirements.
  • Participates in the training of tool & die apprentices as required.
  • run interruptions and in-press downtime due to tooling capability
  • Ensure that all machining at CSL is performed in the most timely and efficient manner and is of the highest quality
  • Work to tool room schedule to accomplish die maintenance, rebuilding or other machining requirements
  • Assist Project Engineers where needed on tool builds or equipment launches
  • Abides by all plant health, safety and environmental rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Help ensure that the Toolroom Department & Equipment are kept clean and properly maintained.
  • Identify areas of tooling fatigue or possible future problems and bring them to Managements attention
  • Advise Management of improvement needed in tooling servicing methods and equipment
  • Suggest methods or practices to improve tool life, serviceability, or tool efficiency
  • Records information and maintains toolroom records either manually or on computer.
  • Record all tooling service on PPRR or other supplementary service records
  • Follow directions provided on tooling service instructions
  • Provide positive input in a team-oriented work environment
  • Performs other related duties as required.


  • Tool & Die Maker’s certificate of qualification a requirement.

Required experience & Skills

  • Extensive experience in preforming duties listed
  • Proficient in blueprint reading and Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  • Crane Operation certificate an asset
  • Familiar with various grinders/mills, lathes, various hand tools, TIG/MIG welders, crane, various steel products, oils/lubricants
  • In press troubling shooting
  • Several years’ experience
  • Linear transfer system knowledge
  • Mig & Tig welding
  • 2 shifts , 7am – 15.30PM , 15.20PM – 01.50am
  • Overtime will be required
  • Automotive stamping experience

Automotive Service Station Manager (25 March 2021)
An owner of a Canadian Tire franchise in the Praries needs an experienced Service Manager with a positive attitude.  Experience as a service manager is mandatory.

CNC Machinist (Mastercam) (22 March 2021)
An employer in Ontario requested Matrixvisa to find a CNC Machinist with extensive Mastercam experience. Must have  5 axis and 3D surfacing MasterCam experience. Must be capable of turning large parts on Horizontal lathes and Vertical Boring Mills.( Fanuc and Siemens Controls) Must be capable of machining parts up top 2 meters in diameter.No high volume production, all parts are custom pieces. Straight days with overtime. Benefits and pension available.

Cattle Farm labourers (Only for applicants whom is currently in the USA, 15 March 2021)
An employer in North Eastern Alberta requested Matrixvisa to find cattle farm labourers. LMIA already approved.

Animal Nutritionist (12 March 2021) – FILLED
An employer in BC requested Matrixvisa to find an animal nutritionist for a dairy operation.

A Bachelor’s degree or higher in a relevant field such as BSc Agric (with animal nutrition) would be required.Master’s degree in Animal Nutrition is preferred. Possess Veterinary Drug Dispensers Certificate or willing to acquire within three (3) months


  • Responsible for utilizing CPM Dairy or similar to optimize the performance of feed formulations and on-farm rations in coordination with sales/service staff
  • Reviews and updates standard and custom dairy feed formulations on a timely basis
  • Responsible for the technical services, including but not exclusive to supporting business development with input for nutrition proposals, supporting new product introductions with input on marketing and promotional materials, providing sales/service support to specified customers, conducting ration audits to support sales/service staff as required on a customer by customer basis, and reporting of activities
  • Responsible for providing sales/service staff training and support
  • Responsible for direct customer contact and sales
  • Overcome business and technical objections of prospective customers
    Assists in planning, coordinating, implementing, and monitoring Company sales and feed programs to enhance and maximize dairy production and performance
  • Assists in the preparation of the Sales Department operating budget, capital budget, and operation plan
  • Coordinates overall incoming ingredient quality control
  • Maintains knowledge of and communicates industry developments
  • Acts as a representative at key industry meetings and function

Fabrictor-Welders (10 March 2021)

An employer in Ontario requested Matrixvisa to search for structural fabricators-welders.

Veterinarian (9 March 2021)
An employer in Alberta requested  Matrixvisa to search a veterinarian. Foreign-trained veterinarians are eligible for Limited Supervised License in certain Prairie provinces such as Alberta once you have passed the Basic Clinical Science examination which can be done in South Africa. This Limited Supervised License is issued 6 months at a time for up to 24 months during which time the South African vet need to pass the first 3 exams. Once the South African vet passed the first 3 examinations you would be eligible for a Temporary License which is issued for 3 months at a time until the vet passed the last examination. See African trained Veterinary doctors must eventually complete 4 examinations that will track 12-18 months with the National Board of Veteran Medicine. See

  • Basic clinical skills Examination (BCSE)- continuously throughout the year – anywhere in South Africa with Prometric. .See
  • North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (Navle). Navle is completed twice a year (deadline for applications are 1 April and 1 Aug) anywhere in South Africa with Prometric.
  • Pre Surgical assessment (PSA) is new (a couple of times a year) completed in Prince Edward Island and Saskatoon.
  • Clinical Proficiency Examination (CPE), 8 times per year..

Sheep farm Supervisor  (6 March 2021) – FILLED
An employer in Saskatchewan  requested Matrixvisa to search for a sheep farm supervisor.

Physiotherapist (March 2021)
An employer in Alberta requested  Matrixvisa to search for a physiotherapist.

Poultry Farm Foreman (Layers) (2 March 2021)
A poultry farm foreman is required for an operation near Edmonton. This position is in skill level B and open for immigration.

Heavy Duty Mechanic for Toronto   (2 March  2021) – FILLED
Matrixvisa were requested to recruit an earth moving mechanic for earth moving company in Toronto.

Cattle Workers for Alberta employer (March 2021)
Matrixvisa has  been asked to recruit several cattle workers for a feedlot. Applicants must have strong cattle farming experience

Plumbers in Lower Fraser Valley with Small Excavator Experience (Feb 2021)
The employer in Vancouver  request Matrixvisa to find a plumber with small excavator  experience

Plumbers in Vancouver  (Feb 2021)
We have placed multiple plumbers at an employer  British Columbia.  The employer is looking for more competent plumbers within Canada or from outside of Canada. Wages start at CAD 30 per hour.

Registered Nurses in Nova Scotia (Feb 2021)
An recruiter in Nova Scotia is asked Matrixvisa to find several Registered Nurses. Provincial registration would be required. See and Registered nurses must pass the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination, which is set and administered nationally by the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA), except in Quebec, which has its own examination. CNA administers this examination three times per year. – See more at:

Construction Manager with Engineering Company in Vancouver (Nov 2020) – FILLED
A vacancy exist for a Construction  Manager for an Engineering  employer in Vancouver


  • Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate heavy industry construction projects from start to finish according to schedule, specifications and budget
  • Plan and prepare construction schedules and milestones and monitor progress against established schedules
  • Prepare contracts and negotiate revisions, changes and additions to contractual agreements with architects, consultants, clients, suppliers and subcontractors
  • Develop and implement quality control programs
  • Prepare progress reports and issue progress schedules to clients
  • Direct the purchase of building materials and land acquisition
  • Hire and supervise the activities of subcontractors and subordinate staff.

Experience Requirements

  • Must have several years experience in heavy civil construction projects specifically in mining and bridge construction
  • Experience in contract management
  • Experience in the management of the design phase of heavy industrial project

Education Requirements

  • Degree in Civil Engineering or Degree in Construction Management Or Degree in Quantity Surveying
  • Eligibility for registration as P.Eng. in BC would be an added advantage
  • Wages and Benefits
  • The wage range is from $120 000- $150 000

Estimating/QS Manager  for Construction Company in Vancouver (Sept 2020) – FILLED

A vacancy exist for an estimating/QS Manager for an employer in Vancouver.

4 x CNC Machinists in Atlantic Province (Sept 2020)
We have been requested to find 4 CNC machinists for a company in the Atlantic provinces

4 x Automotive Mechanics in North East British Columbia (Sept 2020) – CLOSED
We have been contacted by a company to search for automotive mechanics

4 x Cattle Workers for Eastern  Central Alberta- reference NRG  (Sept 2020)
A farmer in Eastern Central Alberta is looking for a cattle worker/farm Supervisor.

1 x Cattle Workers for Prairie Town – reference IL (Sept 2020)
A farmer with a pasture operation require a person to work indecently as a cattle worker. The applicant must be able to work independently and have initiative.

4 x Cattle Workers for Southern Alberta – reference GV (Sept 2020)
A farmer in South Alberta is looking for 4 experienced cattle workers. Feedlot operation.

1 x Cattle Workers for North Eastern Alberta  (Sept 2020) – FILLED
A farmer in North Eastern Alberta require an experienced cattle worker/Supervisor. It is a pasture operations

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technician Positions (Aug 2020)
Several positions available  in British Columbia.

Poultry Farm Labourer  (Aug 2020)
These positions are in skill level C and would not allow spouses to work. This is best suited for single people. Positions available in Alberta. Applicants are eligible to apply for permanent residence in the Agri-Food Immigration Pilot.

Cattle Workers (skills Level B) (Aug 2020)
Several positions is available as cattle workers in a feedlot. Cattle experience is crucial. The position is in skill level B and spouses may work. Permanent residence is possible in the Federal Skills Trades Class, Provincial Nominee Class or the Agri-Food Immigration pilot..

Marine Mechanic (July 2020)
Marine Mechanic needed for a pleasure craft retailer in Canada. Applicants must have in outboard or inboard engine experience.

3 x Mining Electricians (December 2019) – CLOSED
Matrixvisa is searching for 3 Mining Electricians. The electricians will be responsible for electrical maintenance and repair experience on P&H 2800 mining shovel, P&H 250 overburden drills, P&H 320 overburden drills and using haul trucks. The wage is CAD 43 per hour. It is a 7 and 7, 12 hour day /night rotation. Applicants must pass their Canadian Red Seal.

1 X CNC / Horizontal Boring Mill Repairer (14 November 2019)
Currently Matrixvisa is  searching  for a Machine Tool Mechanic/Electrician/Millwright to maintain, build and repair CNC and Horizontal boring Mills


  • Repair, install and troubleshoot large CNC Horizontal and Vertical Boring Mill’s
  • Repair, renew and/or replace worn out bearings, shafts, gears, and re-assemble and check functionally test of machine tools
  • Preform laser calibration of CNC Machine Tool Axis and precision levelling
  • Examine parts for defects, breakage or excessive wear. Re-engineer and/or upgrade defected arears on the machine as required
  • Study blueprints and manufacturer manuals to determine correct installation procedure and operation of machine.
  • Mechanical troubleshooting as required
  • Perform inspection and tests on machine tools (alignment test, ball test, squareness; using electronic level and laser)
  • Work with original machine tool manufacturer to upgrade or troubleshoot problems or functionality
  • Follow established safety practices and regulation.


  • Knowledge of Fanuc and Siemens controls a definite asset
  • Strong knowledge of hydraulics, pneumatic, electrical and CNC controls
  • Previous experience with large machine tools (PAMA, Toshiba, Berthiez, Shiesse)
  • Knowledge of electrical schematics / electronics an asset
  • Strong machining skills
  • Ability to work within tight deadlines and under pressure
  • Ability to read blueprint of electric and hydraulic schematics to diagnose/troubleshoot problems

$28 – $40/hour

7 Heavy Duty Mechanics – Open Pit Mine (1 November 2019) – CLOSED
Matrixvisa Inc was request to recruit 7 heavy duty mechanics for an open pit mine in Alberta. The wage will be CAD43 per hour plus a relocation bonus. Applicants must pass the Canadian Red Seal within 12 months of starting

Three Farm Supervisor with good Mechanical Skills (22 Aug 2019) – FILLED
Three grain farm operations in Saskatchewan requested Matrixvisa to find farm supervisors.  All there must have good mechanical skills. The three  Saskatchewan farms are located near  Weyburn, North of Moose Jaw and close to Leader.   For the vacancy near Moose Jaw the  incumbent wille be responsible for  farm machine operations, building maintenance, yard maintenance, basic carpentry, truck driving and “handy person” work.

Caregiver For Autistic Child Needed In BC (Vancouver Area) (25 June 2019) – FILLED
Full time and permanent caregiver required in the Fraser Valley (40 km from Vancouver) for a child affected with autism – aged 12. The incumbent will work alongside other careworkers. This is a permanent position with full benefits…CPP, Medical, Employment Insurance, Work safe, Sick, Holidays, Training. VISA/WORK PERMIT DETAILS • Applicant must apply for permanent residence and a work permit at the start of the process • Processing for the work permit is 12 Months • Permanent residence is only finalized after the foreign nation al worked for 24 months in Canada • Applicants carry all costs of the flights • Spouses get open WP and children may attend school. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: · Participating in resident assessments · Preparing internal reports · Carrying out regular, planned programs and activities · Providing educational support services as necessary · Teaching social and life skills through interaction and modelling · Completing logs and incident reports as required · Be able to work afternoon/evening hours from 3:30pm to 9:30pm · Be able to work weekends during the day · Overnight shifts available for 3 weekends (Fri, Sat and Sunday) from 9:30pm to 9am MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS, KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES: · Post secondary qualification of 12 months is required. · Experience (2 years) in working with children and young adults affected with autism with emotional, physical, social, behavioural challenges. · Applied Behaviour Analyses principles and experience preferred. · Strong behaviour management skills · The candidate must be able to utilize excellent decision making skills and be able to effectively solve problems · Excellent interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills · Strong ability to build productive and supportive relationships with both staff and child. · Non-crisis intervention training or Mandt training ( · Must be fit and energetic – willing to participate in activities for example jumping on a trampoline, outings, swimming, running and other physical activities with the child, willing to prevent bolting and if bolting does occur to run and catch up to child. WAGES Salary: $22.00 – $29 per hour/hour.

4 x Anesthesiologists (20 June 2019)
4 vacancies exist in BC. Applicants must complete the process of having their training evaluated via the Royal College in Ottawa: